Is the biggest recreational diving organisation in the world! PADI is spread worldwide and their certificate is accepted everywhere and especially in tourist resorts.

PADI has a big variety of courses to choose from, click on one of the links below to read more about the courses.

IDC (Instructor Development Course)
First step as an instructor. In this part you will learn how to become an instructor, how to teach and how to use PADI materials that are provided for different courses. This is a fun course and you will see SCUBA diving and divers from different view. A course director will guide you threw this course with the academic part, confined water and the open water session. After completed 9 days IDC and IE will be held by PADI and they will be the one who will pass you threw the exams. Prerequisite: divemaster/AI and minimum age18 years.

Duration: 9-12
Prerequesite: Divemaster
Age: 18

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