Seahorse on fan coral

Richelieu Rock (Surin Islands)
Surin Islands are well visited by many liveaboards from Phuket and Khaolak. Surin Islands are famous for the scenery above the water but that is not why lot of divers visit this place. Most of them come here because of a site about 18 km east of the island, Richelieu Rock. This rock formation starts a little below the surface but can be seen during lowtide. This site has almost everything, zebra sharks, school of barracuda, octupus, seahorses and other macro. But most divers come here for another reason. The biggest fish in the world can be spotted here: The whale shark. The season for seeing this fish is around February to April. But please keep in mind there is no guarantee to see it. From personal experience I know people with 20 dives who have seen it and some instructors with 2000 dives haven’t seen it yet! This dive site can become very deep and due to the scenery so nonexperienced divers can exceed the depth limits (overexcited) or struggle with the current and get low on air very fast! Lot of boats circulating at the surface above the divers (mostly zodiacs) so it is important to have some good level or hire a private guide.

Level of experience: Advanced and higher.

Liveaboard with at least 3days/2 nights
This site is little to far for a daytrip
But most trips include this with their Similans, Koh Boh and Koh Tachai trips.