Racha Yai island

Racha Yai
Racha Yai east coast can be interesting dives with currents, clear waters and a variety of marine life and lot of stag horn corals. On the west side is more of rock formation dive sites with fire corals and table corals. Racha Yai you will find lot of colourful fish, parrot fish, trumpet fish, damsel fish, octopus and even turtles. This island is for all levels and even good for people who don't dive but like to snorkel or getting away from the Phuket beaches for a day.

Distance: 14 NM south of Phuket
Estimated Travel Time: 90 min
Depth: 6-24 m
Visibility: Good
Current: Can become strong
Surface condition: Calm
Level of experience: All levels

This is a daytrip dive Package discount for daytrips
Racha Yai - 2 dives One daytrip 5% discount
Racha Noi - 2 dives 2 days trips 7% discount
Racha Noi & Racha Yai - 3 dives 3 days trips or more 10% discount
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Anemone Reef, Shark point & Koh Doc Mai - 3 dives
Phi Phi Island (Koh Bida) - 2 dives
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