King Cruiser Wreck

King Cruiser
King Cruiser is a 70 meter passenger ferry. It sank May 1997 when it run over the top of anemone reef on the way to Phi Phi islands, everyone survived. This wreck is big (car ferry imported from Japan.) During the years lots of divers have been diving through it so air bubbles, mixed with saltwater have increased up the corrosion speed of the metal. And sometimes big waves during the wet season make some part of the wreck collapse, the main part (car deck) of the swim through is collapsed , so penetration dive on this wreck is very minimum now but still ok to dive on.
Distance: 18 NM east of Chalong Bay
Estimated Travel Time: 100 min
Depth: 12-30 m
Visibility: Low to Good
Current: Can become strong
Surface condition: Can be wavy
Level of experience: Beyond new certified or advanced level

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King Cruiser, Shark point & Koh Doc Mai - 3 dives
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